​Dr. C.B. Daniel

President of Cenegenics ® Phoenix

My name is Dr. C.B. Daniel. I am the President of Cenegenics® Phoenix. Although my background is in Internal Medicine, I have been specializing in Age Management Medicine for the last 6 years. I originally came to Cenegenics myself, as a patient. After seeing life changing results in my own health and body, I knew I wanted to help my patients achieve the same results.

​Although our patients come to us from a variety of backgrounds and for different reasons, all share a common goal of wanting to be proactive in improving their vitality and quality of life.

​I know you have some specific health goals in mind and need to determine how to best achieve these goals. There are so many health related programs being marketed and it is hard to tell which ones really work.

To make it easy to get the answers to your questions, I have included 2 videos describing the program and answering the most frequently asked questions. After watching the videos, I want you to call me.

There are ways to dramatically improve how you age. Our programs are managed by physicians, individualized, and results driven. You can look and feel better than ever. Please watch these videos and call. There is no obligation and it will at least be educational.

To learn more about Cenegenics Phoenix and our programs, contact Dr. C.B. Daniel at 480.454.2370

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”

– Jim Rohn


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