Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Cenegenics Phoenix is launching a highly customizable and personalized weight loss and wellness program - designed specifically for you.

It's time to invest in your health and well being today. Click the link below to set up a complimentary, no-risk consultation with one of our experts.

Welcome to Your New Fitness Routine

Here's why our members love the Cenegenics Personalized Plan


No Gimmicks, No Fads or Funny Formulas, No Crazy Workouts, and Real food!

We will keep you on track.

Medical Doctors & Nutrition/Exercise Counselor Consultation & Coaching.

A Customized Plan for You.

Learn skills and develop habits that will sustain a healthy lifestyle for life.

Proven Results.

Expect to lose up to 2 pounds a week with no deprivation or hunger pains.

We are here for you.

12 week program with weekly contact for progress and ongoing instruction.

Backed by Science.

Our medical doctors will review your blood labs to get a true sense of your health.

A successful plan that is

customized for you

Consultation and Evaluation: The Cenegenics team will do a full evaluation to establish your "over health and wellness baseline," where we will take measurements, photos, review your medical history, and blood labs are reviewed and explained.

Individualized Meal Instruction: We provide recommended macronutrients and supplements based on gender, age, height, and medical history.

Active Participation: Participant's responsibility includes food logging, food weighing, label reading, and following personalized exercises.

Our team will be there

throughout your journey 

Food Recommendations: A variety of whole foods will be recommended to meet your tastes and preferences.

Monitoring: Weekly check-in by preferred means - either it will be via text messages, calls, or office visits plus 3 DEXA scans for body composition over 12 weeks.

Education: Nutrition video and manual to take home along with support information on nutrition, health, and exercise.

Behavior Change,
The key to your success.

A successful weight loss and wellness program is only as good as a participant learns and changes his other choices in lifestyle. The techniques and education taught by Cenegenics will equip you to understand triggers, stressors, emotions, associations, and social psychology to overcome a history of old, unhealthy eating patterns to a new and improved lifestyle for a lifetime.

You are worth

the investment

What's Included:

  • Consultation & Evaluation
  • All office visits which include 3 DEXA Scans
  • 12 weeks of continuous support
  • A personalized nutrition & exercise plan
  • Educational Books & Manuals

Cost: $1,300 plus cost of Blood Labs

Getting started has never been easier.

To get started on your Customized Weight Loss and Wellness Program, click the link below or call one of our medical professionals, Dr. C.B. Daniel or Sherri Jarvis our Nutrition and Exercise Counselor at (480) 454 - 2371 or  (480) 454 - 2372.