Sleep Recommendations

How Much Sleep Should You Be Getting? New Recommendations on Sleep Duration

By Kelly Young

Edited by David G. Fairchild, MD, MPH, and Jaye Elizabeth Hefner, MD

The National Sleep Foundation has made recommendations for sleep duration for various age groups based on a literature review by an expert panel. The following recommendations on sleep durations for healthy people without sleep disorders were published in Sleep Health:

AgeNew RecommendationsPrevious Recommendations
Newborns14-17 Hours12-18 Hours
Infants12-15 Hours14-15 Hours
Toddlers11-14 Hours12-14 Hours
Preschoolers10-13 Hours11-13 Hours
School-Aged Children9-11 Hours10-11 Hours
Teenagers8-10 Hours8.5-9.5 Hours
Young Adults (Up To Age 25)7-9 Hours
Adults (Ages 26-64)7-9 Hours
Older Adults (Ages 65+)7-8 Hours

The document also includes a wider range of sleep duration that “may be appropriate” (versus “recommended”) for some individuals in each age group (e.g., 11–19 hours in newborns).

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