Staying on Course


Ask yourself these questions (daily) to keep focused on making healthy choices:

When did I last eat?

  • If it has been longer than 2-4 hours it is time to fuel up!

Does this meal or snack contain a complete protein?

  • If this is a meal does it contain 25-35 grams of protein
  • If this is a snack does it contain 10-20 grams of protein

Are there any vegetables on my plate?

  • Are there at least two servings of vegetables on my plate?  Cooked any way or eaten raw – but a minimum of two servings.

Should I be eating starchy carbs with this meal or snack?

  • If lowering insulin and blood sugar as well as fat loss is your goal put down the pasta, rice, bread and other starchy carbohydrates and have another serving of vegetables or fruit.
  • If you just worked out then go ahead and have a small serving of starchy carbohydrates (oatmeal, pasta, whole grain bread or potato)

Did I include a fat in this meal or snack?

  • Each day you must include some animal fat as well as olive oil, nuts, and seeds.  Spread them throughout your day.

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