PRP Therapy Breast Lift

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Do your breasts show these signs of aging?


Shape of the breast is more collapsed and droopy.


Less sensation in your breasts after breast feeding, implants, surgery, or aging.


Crinkling, crepe-paper skin around the cleavage area. 

A New, Non-Surgical Solution

There is a new, noninvasive treatment designed to create fuller, perkier cleavage. By drawing, spinning, and reinserting blood back into the breasts, you will be able to restore sagging breasts, increase the shape and look of cleavage, fix inverted nipples, erase stretch marks, and increase breast and nipple sensitivity.

This is done by extracting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood and injecting it directly into the breasts. The treatment isn't a replacement for implants and won't double your cup size overnight, but it will reshape and round out your bust. 

What You Need to Know About the PRP Therapy Breast Lift

The body uses the platelets to naturally generate tissue, stimulate cells, collagen, and blood vessels. This restores your breast shape, improves stretch marks, as well as making nipples rosier, perkier, and more sensitive! 

The whole procedure only takes about 15 minutes and hurts about as much as having your blood drawn or getting any other cosmetic injectable. There's also no down time. Full results take about two months but many women notice a difference within a few days. It lasts a year or longer for most women. 

It's Time to Look as Good as You Feel.