How Do You Know If You Are A Candidate For Cenegenics?

Cenegenics has thousands of female patients worldwide who do incredibly well on our Elite Health Program.

Who is our typical patient? Why do women come to Cenegenics? What are the challenges women face in aging? What kinds of problems and goals do many of our female patients have? What kind of results do our female patients enjoy—realistic and attainable goals?

Perhaps you have questions about improving your health or maybe were wondering if you have to settle for looking and feeling older. While it is not possible to stop aging, medicine can now dramatically control how we age. The most common results we get with our patients are:

• Improved texture of hair and skin
• Improved mental drive, memory, and focus
• Lowering common risk factors including getting off medications
• Losing weight without dieting (patients are amazed)
• Losing dress sizes and getting more toned
• Improved energy and sleep

Our goal is educational

Helping you both become more comfortable with the science, our evaluation process and therapies as well as Cenegenics Medical Institute. Below, you will find some material, explaining specific hormonal concerns and how they impact your overall health, cognitive function and body composition.

Treatment is centered on 4 basic principles

Low glycemic nutrition

Appropriate exercise

Directed nutritional supplementation

Correction of metabolic and hormonal deficiencies as medically indicated

Women are so different than men | We’ve listened to what you’ve been saying. As a woman, you know your body is aging—but you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. You’re not looking to be a body builder or crazy with sex; more likely you want to look and feel better, to control the aging process so you can enjoy your family and live a healthy and full life. It’s confusing what you hear—fad diets, news flashes, so many supplements, and herbal remedies that might help. Changes in hormone levels start early in every woman’s life, usually beginning in the early 40’s, and then becoming noticeable as a woman approaches 50. During the aging process, hormone levels of progesterone and testosterone drop significantly, giving the first unpleasant symptoms, and finally estrogen levels fall with multiple dramatic body and mind changes. Because every woman is unique, your health is a delicate internal balance that has to be managed with a clear understanding of the home and environment you live in, your stress and your lifestyle.

For Her | Healthy female aging management at Cenegenics Phoenix. You Can Enjoy Youthful, Healthy Aging Now!

At Cenegenics Phoenix, the Executive Health Evaluation is the protocol we use to show you what’s out of balance, and to create the customized plan to get quickly back on track. Whether you are trapped by brain fog, or losing the battle with weight and loss of muscle tone, wishing to restore youthful energy and the joys of sharing life with your family and friends—we will create the solution that you can trust and feel alive again.

As a woman, you can safely take control of the symptoms of aging and menopause with a healthy lifestyle and a medically supervised, personal medical treatment plan, using bio-identical hormone replacement when clinically indicated. At Cenegenics Phoenix, we will work with you to show you how to live a life of healthy whole food nutrition, enjoyable exercise, hormonal optimization to create internal balance, and the correct use of vitamins and supplements for your needs. You pay attention to your outer body—now it is time to pay attention to your internal body and get into balance.

Shouldn’t you have THE healthy aging plan to reverse the declines of aging and protect your future health span? We partner with you to create the custom comprehensive plan to restore your Female Health—proactive, preventive age management. Your medically supervised program provides you with clear direction from your personal team, reasonable expectations, medical guidance and supervision, hormone replacement when clinically indicated, and vitamin supplementation based on your needs and goals.

Your progress is followed and checked with periodic laboratory tests and other measures, and your program is adjusted over time to keep you on course to the quality of life and health you desire. We call it “squaring the curve”—to stay at the peak of your health and vitality for the years ahead. Don’t be frustrated and trapped in body that is less than you want—you CAN do it!

Do you have these Symptoms?

• Weight gain in the abdomen and hips
• Hot flashes/flushes
• Low bone density, risk of Osteopenia
• Concerns about your heart and blood pressure
• Decreased energy in the morning or afternoons
• Lack of skin elasticity or dull skin
• Irritability, anxiety, mood swings
• Decreased libido, no interest
• Poor memory and focus
• Aches, pains and stiff joints
• Concern about sugar and diabetes
• Higher cholesterol
• Metabolic syndrome
• Vaginal dryness, sexual discomfort
• Breast changes
• Poor sleep, sleeplessness
• Uncertainty about health risks
• Skin wrinkling, sagging, rapid aging
• Loss of muscle mass and tone
• Decreased stamina
• Excessive stress, unhappiness

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The conversation won’t take that long, but Dr. C.B. Daniel will either share with you how we might be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction. Either way, it will be the most informative and important conversation you will ever have with a physician. All of our conversations are confidential and without any obligations.